Man belongs to different systems, be it family, community, team, organisation or the society as a whole. The system has written and unwritten rules that are connected to the function of the whole system.

The cards were inspired by an endlessly diverse and unique nature that has different shades and colours. The landscape can be a fertile ground or a rain forest, dry like a desert, icy like a polar region, dangerous like a volcanic region etc. Nature has a lot of weather phenomena that organisms have to adapt to in order to survive. Similar parallels can be drawn between life events of a team, family, couple or a person.

The system like nature has its hierarchy of relations that is affected by different personalities, experiences, wishes, needs etc. The landscape pictures include different animal silhouettes which can additionally be used in system work by marking mutual relations and locations on the system landscape. Animals are drawn in a mirroring position, which gives an even better opportunity to characterize relationships.

The set includes: 55 landscape (size: 210*148mm) and 64 animal cards and some exercises.

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