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The recurrent theme of cards is a child with an animal or bird in the natural surrounding by which different situations are conveyed. The child’s face in the picture is not drawn out. It forms an additional source of information, which enables the user to imagine and describe the expression according to one’s personal associations. The situations on the cards are various and may be comprehended in different ways – each of them has a message and one person ca n interpret them differently and uniquely. Everything a person may see in the picture is true.

“Child’s hidden messages” cards are supplementary tools for specialists, who help to visualise and perceive something a person is not aware of.

Via cards it is possible to:

  • help to visualise and perceive something a person is not aware of;
  • explore and study stories that have designed the person`s reality;
  • activate the experience dating back to the childhood and youth;
  • make a contact and become a friend with the inner child;
  • work with different emotions;
  • find connection between the inner and outer world;
  • understand what is going on in the adult’s or child’s mind;
  • creating stories and fairy tales;
  • discuss different situation (ex: friendship, game, caring, roles, family etc).

The cards also facilitate inspiration for the visualisation of the future, creating stories and discussing different situations via them.

Card set is suitable for use in psychological counselling, therapy processes, supervision, coaching, in educational establishments, etc., for in dividual and group work with children, adolescents and adults.

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The set includes: 74 cards and exercises / ideas

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