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Human beings belong to different systems, be it a family, a community, a team, an organisation or society as a whole. A system is made up of components that influence each other, and a change in one part causes a change in the whole system.

The maps were inspired by nature, which is infinitely varied, with so many different shades and colours, and unique. The landscape can be fertile as a rainforest, dry as a desert, icy as a polar region, dangerous as a volcanic area, and so on. The landscape motifs depicted on the maps can help to better understand what is happening in a team, a group or an individual’s life.

As in nature, so in a system, different personalities, experiences, desires, needs, etc. influence the relationships between them. The landscape images are accompanied by various animal silhouettes that can be used to complement systems work, signifying interrelationships and positioning in the ‘systems landscape’.

The set is the first version. The package contains 50 landscape maps, 54 animal maps and some exercises. The box is in Russian.

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