The life paths of all of us are unique and one of a kind. At very the beginning, we are given help in finding our path and following that, we are entrusted with furthering our paths on our own – we will become responsible for commencing on our journeys. There are roads that we are willing to take instantly, and there are others that we would rather avoid, but still undertake when the circumstances require us to. On our journey, we have already met and shall continue to meet allies and adversaries alike – all of them have something to tell or teach us. We also feel different emotions that shadow us and for which we try to find explanations. On our travels we are accompanied by our values and beliefs that guide our daily decisions and choices, model our behaviour and determine our course.

“Contemplation journey and system cards” assist in understanding the different stages and processes in the life of a person. The cards enable to analyse the past, the present and visualise the future – observe your childhood, education, career, life changes, relationship patterns, future plans etc. – all in all, all aspects of life. It is your story and only you can live it! It is your journey and only you can follow it through! Word cards are in: Estonian, English, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spain, German and Latvian

The set includes:
• Large foldable terrain map (42*42 cm); The large terrain map may be used on both sides.
• 40 small terrain maps (7*7 cm);
• 10 wooden dolls;
• 80 emotion word cards;
• 100 value word cards;
• Some exercises.

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Word card language selection:

in English, in Estonian, in German, in Italian, in Latvian, in Portugese, in Russian, in Spanish, Czech Republic, In Ungari

Exercise language selection:

in English, in Estonian, in German, in Italian, in Russian, in Spanish, Czech Republic